Friday, December 18, 2009

Caleb, Legos, Jonah and Faith

Caleb spent one of our recent Winter afternoons building Legos. This afternoon he built the ship that Jonah was on while he was sailing to Tarshish. There was lots of sound effects involved in the whole process as well.

I asked Caleb how it was going and he told me:

Caleb: (in a very matter of fact tone) "Don't worry mom, the ship won't sink cause they'll just toss Jonah off."
Mama: "Poor Jonah."
Caleb: (in an exasperated tone) "Shesh mom, that's what happens when you try and run away from God."
Caleb: (in a consoling tone) "But don't worry. He can ask for forgiveness and it will be okay."

If we could all have the faith of a 4 year old. Sure would make life much easier all around.


Susana said...

Bless his heart, and this had to melt your heart!

You have to know you are doing a wonderful job as a mother!

His ship is great.

Debbie said...

This is too cute!

Jonah was one of Selena's very first favorite Bible story.

I love his explanation of the story!